strikeback flea treatments

Strike Back Natural Flea Killing Spray Aerosol


Strike back Natural Flea Killing Spray Aerosol 


A professional flea control product approved for amateur use 

contains a fast acting natural insecticide. 

Strike Back Flea Killing spray


Strike back flea killing spray 


A professional flea control product approved for amateur use. 

Long lasting protection for the home and workplace.

Strike Back Twin Flea killing Fogger


Strike back twin flea killing fogger 


For 2 small rooms or 1 medium room.

A professional product approved for amateur use. 

Strike Back Extra Large Smoke Generator


Strike back extra large smoke generator 


Strike back flea killing foggers provide a simple solution to achieving immediate, effective and safe control of fleas. 

Strike Back Advanced Flea control Kit


Strike Back Advanced Flea Control Kit £19.99 

Using our exert knowlege of pest control we have prepared a step by step control programme using three of our most popular products to help both the professional and ameteur pest controller successfully control fleas. control fleas 

Kit includes 

  • 1 Litre flea killing spray
  • 1 100g Diatom flea killing powder 
  • 2 Flea killing foggers 
  • 1 Step by step user guide and additional instructional DVD